Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

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Re: Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

elliottnewcomb wrote:

IMHO, Sony will not release an upgraded version soon, I would buy, and, go for one with full 30 day return policy to make sure it is correct for your needs.


I can see your point. I am so close to pulling the trigger and buying this camera before my Vegas trip at the end of this month. I do have an older Sony P&S, the T200 that I can take with me if i do decide to wait.

This isn't about, "well, if you're always waiting for the next upgrade, you'll never buy one". Like i mentioned, i haven't been keeping up with cameras for awhile, so i didn't know about the rx100 till last week. Since they announced the rx100 last June, i thought maybe i can wait till June to see if they announce the successor.

But i do agree with you. Maybe i'll pull the trigger this week and just purchase it. i've been drooling over the reviews and pictures i've seen

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