Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

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Re: Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

paulhome wrote:

tecnoworld wrote:

I just read that, along with nx300 availability in march, there could be the presentation of nx1100, nx30 and nx-r. If so, and especially if Samsung addressed the problems with performance and the partial issue of high iso noise (perhaps with a totally new sensor for the nx-r, which imho won't be ff, but just a high quality aps-c), then it could cover all the segments in the mirrorless market and win in them all, thanks to the great lense lineup.

What do you think?

not really.

I love my samsung, but the lens line up is nice rather than great, good lenses at good prices. I do agree that the nx-r wont be ff, just a case of wishful thinking.

until there are more third party lenses and better flash options Samsung will always be the oddball choice

Patience is a virtue...  The system has not been on the market for that long.  Plus, you can get the K-mount lens adaptor if you are willing to forego autofocus...

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