CamRanger wireless control for Ios devices and Android does just about everything but talk to you...

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Sefi Ninio
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Re: Do I get it right ?

Placation101 wrote:

How they do it is ??? Thats why they get to charge you. I dont see how you find it unreasonable that a router that can connect internet wirelessly and through usb, cant be used to connect both devices. One of the primary functions of a router is to connect two devices normally computers.

That is not accurate.

A router, connects 1 or more devices to a existing network, be it local or open with internet access.

It does not create the network, only routs the requests between the devices and the network.
Trust me, I do this for a living.

The fact that the CamRanger is based off of the TP-Link is fine, they must have modified it to work as an EyeFi card to create the local network, and then share it to other devices with the TP-Link router circuitry.

That required some development and engineering, along with the development of the software for iOS, Android and Windows is why it costs the amount it costs.

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