CamRanger wireless control for Ios devices and Android does just about everything but talk to you...

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Re: Do I get it right ?

El Ninio Photography wrote:

Placation101 wrote:

No the cam ranger that you buy is that router or very similar with their logo pasted on top, that is what you would be buying. Look at their website and then that link.

Look they can charge whatever they want, and when you have a unique product you can. I'm not saying its not worth it, just I guess I was thinking they engineered the whole device.

Unless I am missing something, I disagree.

That TP-Link is simply a router - it needs a live network connection to be able to broadcast it to other devices (for example, you can connect your mobile phone's 3G connection, or a DSL modem).

You camera does not have such a network, thus it cannot be used in a manner similar to the CamRanger.

As I understand it, the CamRanger sets up a local area network (with limited range) to which you can connect your iPad/iPhone/Android device as a wireless network.

Once that connection is established, the app that runs on the mobile device uses that connection to control the camera in a tethered way.

I don't see how you can achieve the same with the TP-Link device you are talking about, but again, I might be missing something. In that case - I'd appreciate it if you could elaborate more on how you would go about doing it.

I'd love to save the bucks as well

It may not work with a D800/600 as you say.  However, it appears that it does work with a D4.  It has an Ethernet port on it to connect to the D4.  One of the reviews posted on Amazon was from someone using it with his D4 and an iPad.

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