The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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they have sources of information

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

If I, or ten other people I can think of, could get their ear I could tell they how to own the us market.

All of the camera companies employ hundreds of Americans in their U.S. sales subsidiaries, many of whom have decades of deep insider experience in the U.S. camera business. Most companies call their foreign sales teams back to Japan for market consultations quarterly, or at least bi-annually.

So they have plenty of sources of knowledgeable input about the U.S. camera market. It's very true that that input is not always intelligently heard. Maybe that's what you meant, and I don't disagree that many times that is true.

And obviously, the same basic sales/marketing intelligence network in in place in all other major markets -- i.e. native-born and bred executives from the UK, German, French etc. sales subsidiaries are, in theory, supposed to be giving close advise about what those markets want and how they should be addressed.

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