Urgently seeking help concerning Mail attachments

Started Feb 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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I tried Attachment Tamer as you suggested, and it worked perfectly!! I tried test messages with photo attachments to Windows PCs, and the attachments were there, exactly as they should be, with none of the idiocy of having the photos pasted into the body of the email.  Seems like a beautifully designed little piece of software.  Wish I had found it long ago.

This does raise a question however.  In reading the support sites, this seems to have been a known bug in Mail for a long time, yet Apple is either unwilling or unable to fix it.  If this tiny company could fix it so elegantly, it is hard to believe that all the resources at Apple couldn't have done the same.  Ridiculous.

Thanks again for you suggestion.

Jim Thomas

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