X20 vs 808 Image Samples : Serious Thoughts Appreciated

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Re: More Mid-Sized Images From The 808

There is not much point in comparing basic OOC images unless you adjust in camera settings properly.

Simple OOC images depend on how the options on the camera have been set up, and the defaults are often aimed at different target markets.  You can draw completely erroneous conclusions unless you adjust appropriately (eg, most DSLRs produce OOC images which don't look as 'punchy' or sharp as many P&S)

My view is also that folks who buy more sophisticated compact cameras will do at least some basic PP (even of JPEG outputs) and different cameras respond to PP differently.

So in order to do a comparison you need to:

a) set up the in camera options properly

and preferably b) do some minimum PP

Let's see the comparisons, with details of how they were shot and what processing has been done, then we can begin to compare the cameras.


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