GH3 or Nikon D7100 best for video?

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Re: GH3 or Nikon D7100 best for video?

ryan2007 wrote:

greatphoto wrote:

Hi All

I am a portrait and event photographer and I shoot full frame Nikons and Fuji XE-1. I have been following for a long while now and they rave about the GH3 and the seamless integration of video and stills.

I was all set on getting the GH3 pro kit until the D7100 came along. I don't know much about the tech side of video, just know I want to shoot more video and integrate it slowly into my business, or even for now just videoing my 9year old daughter.

I feel the D7100 will be a better spare still camera but is the video specs even close to what the GH3 offers? I do like the articulated screen of the GH 3 but the Nikon will have a better OVF but then there is the added expense of getting a rear screen viewfinder.

Perhaps get the Nikon for now with no expense on lenses and wait till the end of the year to see what else comes out or the GH3 price to drop? Any one else in this quandary?




Their is more to shooting good video then maybe you are familiar with. Videographers don't necessarily use a DSLR for video they may use a dedicated video camera. IMHO it would serve you best to include a dedicated video camera.

I highly advise a few things. Call B&H photo and speak to both pro video and pro DSLR department to find out what you need to invest. Check out the web site camcorder info.

many differences from how image stabilization works, to what rig you may need to hold the camera to what will you do with audio. Their is a company called red giant that does software for video editing. You may need to buy a new computer and if you do buy a Mac, they are IMHO made for photo and video much better.

Hi Ryan

Thanks for your input.  I live in Australia so don't think I will call B&H any time soon.  I have 3 Macs and a studio, I have already bought a rig and slider etc ages ago as I was planning on getting the D800 for video before I realised the video is nothing flash on it, hence me gravitating to the GH3.  A dedicated video camera is not what I am looking for many reasons one being its not as easy to integrate with my portraits during a shoot, carrying completely different gear to my stills.

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