Epson R3000 black ink nozzles shooting blanks

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What about the carts?

xrdbear wrote:

Petruska wrote:

xrdbear wrote:

I suppose the Inkjetcarts ink *is* safe to mix with the OEM Epson ink as it will during the changeover.

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They all (Cone, Inkjetcarts, Inkjetfly) mix well with OEM ink. Cone is the only one out of the 3 that has resin encapsulated particles as OEM to maintain the same or better gloss characteristics as OEM.

Thanks for the clarification. I knew there were some inks that did't mix but didn't know which.

Thanks for sharing - this is good info, as I have an R3000 running on OEM carts, but I will switch to 3rd party inks as soon as the OEMs run out.

I already have a set of InkRepublic IRK nano inks and two sets of refillable carts at hand. I understand that I would likely need to reprofile each time I pop in a refillable cart for a given color, and this is basically not a problem for me (at least with cheap media) but what I wanted to ask is whether the printer will accept single refillable carts mixed with OEM carts? I thought this was not possible, and you'd need to swap out the whole set once a single OEM color runs out?


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