13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

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Re: 13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

designdog wrote:

OP here once more.

Man, I can't seem to express what I am after, so I will do it in baby steps:

  1. buy a frame that is 13x19 or 17x22 (preferred)
  2. take it apart
  3. put in a mat that is also 13x19 or 17x22, that has a cutout (or whatever the correct term is), of, let us say, 2 inches into the mat, or 11x17, 15x20 as an opening
  4. print, on the 13x19 or 17x22 sized Epson paper, an image that corresponds with the opening — leaving a 1/4" bleed
  5. put it back together, including the mat and the image (no tape, everything fits)
  6. hang it, then redo the process with a different photo in a few months.

Maybe the cutting and taping is a lot easier than I am making it out to be, to the extent that no one really does it the way I am describing...

Hopefully there should not be any more misunderstandings. Someone suggested www.framedestination.com and I can see that they do 13x19 frames and mats separately at 13x19 with a choice of aperture sizes. Some companies offer frames specifically designed for regular changing of the contents. They are often described as poster frames or snap frames and may be availble to take mats.

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