New Rumor of replacement to 80-400 AF VR Lens.

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M Lammerse
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Re: Don't think I'd spend $2K or more for ....

The old 80-400mm could not be ordered anymore by a large Japanese retail and wholesale electronics company from Nikon itself since Jan. 2013. For a popular lens as the 80-400 it is usually a sign it will be replaced by a newer model in a comparable zoom range.


PatrickP wrote:

Perhaps Mr. Lammerse does know via first hand knowledge about the IQ and focus speed . . .

Maybe he does

But frankly, ever since the D3 there has not been a single $2000 and up Nikon lens with a gold ring that disappoints.

If what NR said about "Nikon had the design ready for a while but just holding it up" is correct, I rather think the performance is rather decent for the money, to a point it might threaten the sale of 200/300/400/500 exotic super teles.

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