GH3 or Nikon D7100 best for video?

Started Mar 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: GH3 or Nikon D7100 best for video?

toxotis700 wrote:

if you have nikon lenses, stay with nikon.

I have Gh3 and i love it, but you haven't much to earn with this camera, instead of 7100.

Auto focus is nice and much faster in video , in GH3 but if you dont want to invest in Pany-Oly lenses , then AF isn't for you.

quality is about the same, maybe a little less noise with Nikon, and more shallow depth of field.

GH3 is for videographers , who want timecode, external mics and headphones output, high bit rates and exotic lenses like Noktor 0.95 etc.


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I don't understand the importance of high bit rates and not overly concerened about Noctor lenses although I have an Oly pen and love my Fuji X, so I do love mirrorless cameras.  I want the external mic and headphone input as a minimum though.

The focus was the other issue I forgot to mention as I doubt the auto focus on the Nikon will be fast enough to use, but from what i see the GH3 is with the 2.8 lenses.  Can you confirm you use mainly auto focus with the GH3?

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