New Rumor of replacement to 80-400 AF VR Lens.

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Re: Don't think I'd spend $2K or more for ....


I don't know about the image quality, because my colleague did not finish the article about this lens yet, but I know he explained that the focusing speed is much quicker, which was a major complaint with the older version.

I only mentioned the focusing speed, I do not mention the image quality, they are not ready with their review yet.


jfriend00 wrote:

M Lammerse wrote:

Hi Robert,

Absolutely indeed.

I've not owned the old lens, but the major complain I understood of many users is it's slow focusing and not th image quality itself.That seems to be over with the newer version.

Don't you think we kind of need to wait for the lens to be announced and reviewed before we know much about its image quality and focus speed?

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