What is the maximum ISO you're comfortable shooting (and what camera)?

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Re: What is the maximum ISO you're comfortable shooting (and what camera)?

Sammy Yousef wrote:

I typically shoot my D90 at base ISO (200), but was wondering what most people actually shoot at regularly with the newer bodies. I will typically set auto ISO up to 800 but no more for action photography.

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D90 pretty much the same as you. I'll sometimes stretch to ISO 1600 if I really need to but prefer to limit to ISO 800 and prefer to keep to ISO 200 wherever possible.

For the D7000 you can add a stop to all the high ISO and I am happy to shoot at ISO 100 to 400 anytime. If I don't need to get the maximum out of the sensor (won't need to print large) then ISO 3200 is acceptable, but the problem here is that I tend not to want to commit to output usage restrictions (or even think about that) while I am shooting - I prefer to keep all options open if possible. Nevertheless if you are shooting in low natural light conditions, need to freeze subject motion and cannot or prefer not to use flash. ISO 3200 can sometimes get you a shot that would otherwise not be possible.

RX100 as for D90 but usage is different and I am not expecting to print an ISO 800 image very large.

E-PL2 Close to D7000 for ISO vs IQ, but not quite. It is a less capable camera in other respects so usage as yet is not really the same, although the purpose of owning the E-PL5 is to provide a more portable alternative to the D7000.



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