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Optimizations and compromisings... none !

Since we receive one single camera every 3 years.... and again (but who knows) this is supposed to be one of the two final 4/3rd cameras, I am personally strongly against to any sort of price/quality/facility/saleability etc. optimization or compromising on this camera... even if it starts with a list price of usd2,000 or more...

I think that there will be a second camera as well , a 620-like version for those who look for such optimizations, specially for those who simply want OMD E-5 sensor on an E-5 body ..

Go Olympus, give us sublime of the sublime.. a great E-7 in every respect, and regardless price and technology compromises.

I really don't see any use of launching an optimized new camera which will be obsolete in the competition in few months again.

My wish list would be (in addition to those posted above)... a sure CAF, 24mp , clean 12800 ISO, very fast new picture processing engine and large RAW buffer, Wi-Fi, better (maybe a bit bigger) flip-screen.. and improved HD video facilities.

Did I ask too much ? .. But... just a wish list... not ?

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