I have an Olympus E1 which I love. Am thinking about an upgrade. Other bodies that can use E1 lens?

Started Mar 3, 2013 | Questions thread
rovingtim Veteran Member • Posts: 8,640
Going from E1 to E3/E5

SirSeth wrote:

What do you love about the E-1? I went from E-1 to E-3. The AF speed alone was a revelation.

With the 12-60 I have no dispute, but with other lenses, it is about the same.

The camera is faster and better and I like the layout and ergonomics almost as much as the E-1, which was love at first touch.

This is really subjective, but I know a number of E1 drivers that despised the E3 ergos at first touch. I am one of them and I have never found a way to love the new design the way I did the E1.

I don't miss the pealing rubber grip, slow write times, and ISO noise.

Pealing rubber ... check

slow write times ... check ... especially with uncompressed RAW.

ISO noise ... hmmm ... have you processed E1 shots with the newest software? No banding, at least matched Great Bustard with his D20 at 3200 iso.

I've never tried an E-30. Some people think it's the best designed Olympus camera so far. Might be, but it's not the sealed self-defense weapon the E-x series is.

The E30 is bigger than the E1. Ergos are not a patch on the E1. IMO.

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