Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

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Re: I have the same opinion but for much different reasons Re: Samsung kills no one

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

I have the same opinion but for much different reasons:

1. I do not like the word "kill", its a much exxagerated word. Especially Samsung will gain some percentage of market share and that is the good for us and samsung but thats it, no one will be killed.

2. One problem Samsung NX really has is Non-TTL-High-Sync-Speed Flash.

but all what you write are minor problems, and I have some real advantages of NX ( scroll down )

Jorginho wrote:

- No EVF for the NX-xxx/xxxx series. NX300 seems to lack one, like I said...

But for the NX-xx series. That is ok. A Nx-30 will apear

- Poor JPEGs

Yes that is a minor problem, but every system has problems.

- The extremely huge file thing and subsequent lock ups or at least very long waiting before you can shoot again

I think on this year's NX cameras thuis is solved

- NO IBIS but introducing kitlenses that do not have OIS either (a minor quibble may be)

I looked at the market. Unfortionately on mirrorless only m43 has IBIS. So this is not an advantage for any other APS mirrorless brand.

- Virtually no possibility to mount lenses via an adapter (look at Sony and also m43 cams!)

I have at home a Fourthirds-to-samsung-nx adapter

On the photographic side to my mind there is nothing that sets Samsung cams apart.

I can tell you some advantages of NX:

* Opposed to Sony, the NX-xx cameras are REAL CAMERAS and look like real cameras and can be used like real cameras.

* Opposed to Fuji, Samsung is in the sum as good but for the half price.

* The Samsung 85mm 1.4 is THE LENS, the LENS, THE IDEAL LENS for people photography. No other mirrorless brand has this.

* For me, I like 3D, so I like that the system has a real ( hardware based ) option for 3D with the new 45 lens.

Also, the videodepartment is not too good either.

Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus all have their USPs. I simply can't see them in Samsung. If they revolutionise their productline for photographers, that would be very welcome and a good step in the right direction. But with this trackrecord, it is certainly not enough to convince masses to buy a Samsung mirrorless. I think the best papers are for Nikon, Canon and behind them Sony and Olympus. Panasonic is not really doing enough lately in my view. Like Samsung, they are at a disadvantage everstill because they are less considered to be a photocam company.

Thank You. if there was one real weakness that the NX has, that would be the dedicated flash system and HSS support.

I forgot to argue about the NX not being capable of mounting other lenses via adapter. I'm not sure where that notion came from but it is definitely inaccurate as you could virtually mount all lenses via adapter except for M type mounts which was the only gripe I have for the NX. would have been great if I was able to do so with my Leica M glasses. on the otherhand, I think it is possible but you have to convert and dedicate the camera mount exclusively for M lenses, if one would want it that way.

having said that, I think Samsung's intent here is to promote their own lenses rather than having third party lenses into their system. the NX lenses are very good and I see no point of really accepting third party especially at this early stage of the system. and it would be the prerogative of the 3rd party lens manufacturer if they want to support the NX system. so far, I think Samyang did so. the NX line is pretty crowded right now at the suggested size and focal length use for the camera and I couldn't see the need for those unless Samsung releases a bigger body to accommodate the idea of having heavier and longer zooms or macros. if there were focal lengths that might be worth looking at for 3rd party lenses, that would be on the long telephoto end, such as a 100mm,135mm and 300mm. other than those, the NX pretty much covered all it's bases.

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