D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: Exposure seems slightly different despite settings

GregF wrote:

The 6D shots, especially the first two, seem slightly more exposed to my eye, which helps a bit with noise. This tells me the actual ISO values for each camera are slightly off (normal as shown in plenty of tests).

ISO does not work that way, there is no such thing as a "correct" ISO. Manufacturers have quite a freedom in setting "ISO", read up about it.

Further, lenses themselves play a role in exposure. The f-value says nothing about the T-value.

These two camera are close enough that RAW images could be made, more or less, to be nearly equivalent.

The 6D JPEG engine does a better job of NR (a bit heavy handed on some low contrast detail IMHO) than Nikon's. Even the "standard" setting in the D600 defers to allow ample noise as not to smudge detail. And if you go above ISO6400 the 6D is definitely better.

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