D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: D600, 6D at ISO6400

Thanks, I now see that I did miss it in the middle of your first post.

I also compared the D600 and 6D. I found the 6D was approx 1/3 a stop better from ISO 3200 or maybe 6400 and approx 1/3-1/2 better from ISO 12800. This is when shot RAW, no NR and resizing D600 to match 6D. At least for luminance noise, since colour noise seems pretty much idential or a fraction better on the D600 (but also more easily improved in software).

Some things interesting in your photos are that the focus is different, seems to be (significantly) worse on the D600. This is why the most focused area looks better on the 6D, plus it looks less noisy.

What I found is that in my comparison, the D600 was slightly noisier but had more details in the photo. It was possible to use a bit more NR and pretty much match the 6D (i.e. less noise and less detail).

It's possible that the lenses made some difference, the Canon 24-70II is supposed to be on of the sharpest zoom lenses (or even including some primes). Although the Nikon 24-85 is pretty good, it's not as good. The Nikon 14-24 is also supposed to be one of the sharpest zoom lenses and possibly similar to the 24-70II, but focus seems worst in that photo. However if that made any difference in detail it's probably a small one (the 24-85 difference could be bigger). I still think most of the detail difference is from the different focus and not the lenses. With more "matching" photos I think the D600 would have slightly more detail that could be matched for noise (more or less).

Anyway, I agree that the difference is very small, but from your test I prefer the 6D. I chose a D600 over 6D and overall prefer it, but I wouldn't mind using a 6D, either would probably be just fine for me.

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