Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

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Re: Samsung kills no one

Jorginho wrote:

If I am correct they have shown what they are made of at least to my mind, with giving the NX300 no EVF again. No, they give it ANDROID. Many photogs did not chose Samsung because they said it was not a photocam company. In my view, this has proven to be correct. Because what is lacking are things that have everything to do with the photographic department of the camera's:

- No EVF for the NX-xxx/xxxx series. NX300 seems to lack one, like I said...
- Poor JPEGs
- The extremely huge file thing and subsequent lock ups or at least very long waiting before you can shoot again
- NO IBIS but introducing kitlenses that do not have OIS either (a minor quibble may be)
- Virtually no possibility to mount lenses via an adapter (look at Sony and also m43 cams!)

well I think that most of the excuses are all bull or just a poor way of making an excuse not to buy the camera. it has to do more with unfamiliarity with the system rather than having to actually used the system.

the obvious reasons for this is:

1.> Samsung is not the only brand that doesn't offer EVF in some of their camera models. although the NX300 is rumored to have a support for EVF option.

2.> valid case although it is not the only camera that has poor jpegs. but certainly something that needed improvement.

3.> huge file thing is already non-existent. it's already around the 20MB which is pretty much the standard for such camera. lockups so far doesn't look to be present on the videos that I have seen posted here.

4.> No IBIS, again Samsung is not the only camera maker that doesn't have IBIS nor is it a real issue.

all the excuses that are being said are pretty much the same excuses that people are saying with other brands. it is not because the system is bad, but rather people are not aware of it.

On the photographic side to my mind there is nothing that sets Samsung cams apart. Also, the videodepartment is not too good either.

I just have to wonder how many camera owners with video option on the camera actually use the video mode atleast 10% of the time. I rarely use mine even for family events (I shoot stills more than I shoot videos) and I only use it if there's no camcorder available.

although you might be right that Samsung might not be that different with other camera makers for most people but the image quality and colors do impress me personally. but having said that, aren't they the first to offer a mirrorless APS-C compact with really nice compact lenses?

Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus all have their USPs. I simply can't see them in Samsung. If they revolutionise their productline for photographers, that would be very welcome and a good step in the right direction. But with this trackrecord, it is certainly not enough to convince masses to buy a Samsung mirrorless. I think the best papers are for Nikon, Canon and behind them Sony and Olympus. Panasonic is not really doing enough lately in my view. Like Samsung, they are at a disadvantage everstill because they are less considered to be a photocam company.

as I mentioned in one post, I'd rather want to see Samsung doesn't rule the camera market nor become too popular as this would affect the affordability of the system. one of the attractive things about the NX system. it is an amazing system that is still unknown, atleast in North America.

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