Lenses to which Samsung NX has no answer (yet)

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Re: Lenses to which Samsung NX has no answer (yet)


The issue I see with the flash is, how many Samsung users really care if there is a TTL flash available? They are mostly travel/street photographers that won't use that function anyway This is where Samsung is weird, they make great lenses like the 85mm f/1.4 and a body like the NX20, which is more of a pro styled camera and lens, yet they are featured more towards street/travel photography, so the product doesn't necessarily match the target market. Pick one Samsung, or commit to both (bring the flashes and some 2.8 zooms, battery grip for extended battery life, etc).


I'm actually in this travel / street category, and I agree with you on the lenses - I personally don't know what I'd do with the 85mm f/1.4... take portraits of people at the far end of dark warehouses? If I'm putting my wishlist in, I'd like a 24-100 f4, say (let's keep it reasonably small and light) and a 100-300, but I'm not holding my breath...

I actually don't agree with you on the body - I have the NX20 and I think it's perfect for travel, really great ergonomics (dslr style rather than rangefinder style) and a good viewfinder are essentials for me, but your basic point's a good one - what market exactly is samsung aiming for? Amusingly, if you google "samsung nx" and "target market" the top result is this thread, so it seems no-one else knows this either! I would have thought flashes and a battery grip would be relatively easy products to develop, too..

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