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Methods for shooting hummers

Thanks for sharing your methods. I can guess how patient you must be. I like the sound the hummers make when they buzz your ears. Even I can hear that with my tinitus ringing away. If I wear anything red up in the local mountains they buzz me at least a few times before flying off.

I didn't take my photos through glass. The photo of my set up shows the window closed but I opened it up to shoot. I pulled the blind down to reduce my presence and peered under the blind to wait for the hummer to come in. It is much easier to catch them landing than it is to catch them when they take off. They take off in aburst before you can react.

You might try using a tripod and a cable release. You can stand with your arms down and trip the shutter without moving much. I've learned that animals are less frightened if you keep your arms and elbows at your side.

The flash would work well on a stand too if you can get it to fire remotely. Now that I have CyberSync radio transmitters I could place the flash close and stand back with the telephoto and fill the frame from 5 or 6 feet away at 200 mm. With the flash close the exposure is easy. Low ISO, small aperture and fast shutter speed. I'm waiting for another hummer to build a nest near the house again this year.

I'll try to find your photo post.

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