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Re: LX7 cons and pros

Francis Carver wrote:

Thanks for the detailed explain, Cyril, the procedure is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Certainly, awkward juggling bezels and other bits if you wish to repeatedly mount and unmount another lens whilst trotting along with a fast moving tour group. But with my LX3 I tend to leave the 18mm lens on, carry the whole kit in a separate shoulder bag, and have another, complementary, camera available for narrower shots.

But I still say it is a needlessly complicated design on the part of Panasonic.

As the camera is likely to be predominantly used without an accessory lens I don't think it is needlessly complicated. It is nearly as awkward changing lenses with a DSLR

I was considering the LX7 for a short while, but its inability to switch is output between the 2 main television signal systems used on our planet,

I am content to watch my videos on a computer screen

as well as its fixed, non-articulating LCD screen,

Have you considered the Samsung EX2F (if you can find one!)

coupled with a lack of a viewfinder (unless you want to pay $$$$ for an optional one) just killed it for me as a good buy at $448.

I felt lucky to get mine at $299, so thought I could spend the saving on the EVF

Too bad, really, as it does take amazing pictures and pretty decent video, too (although I definitely would not have wanted to shoot with it at the breakneck 60fps frame rate).

But that does add a bit of humour to what otherwise might be boring travelogues

Thanks again for the heads-up, very useful.

No worries!

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