MacBook Pro Retina 15" success stories ?

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Re: MacBook Pro Retina 15" success stories ?

Art Jacks wrote:

I presently own a 15" rMBP, I moved up from a couple of 17" MBP's with the matt anti glare screen, these were perfect for my photo editing, I was not totally convinced about spending more money unless i was going to see a significant benefit, I visited my local Apple store with a memory stick containing an image I am very familiar with, with the help of the staff I was able to put the image on two machines sat side by side, it did not take long for the advantage of the rMBP to be obvious. The screen is not totally reflection free ( I sit working at a desk with no direct lighting behind me so no reflections for my situation ) but far better than previous screens but the clarity made working with the Retina screen a real pleasure, I wanted 16Gb ram which as I wanted to take it away on the day meant I ended up with the top of the range available about 6 months ago, it a complete package, fast processor, large SSD and 16Gb ram plus the Thunderbolt connection and the surprisingly fast ( to me ) USB3 connection.

Hi Art Jacks, thanks for reporting. I have a 17" PB that I bought for a long trip abroad and still use when I'm on the move on the week-ends. It is uneasy to pass my work and import catalogs from the PB to the iMac I have at home however, especially since the PB is tied with LightRoom 2. The idea of having one computer that does it all and not have to worry with synchronizing files and mailboxes any more is a big plus. On the desk however, I have always had screens of at least 24", but after seeing it, I expect that working occasionally on the MBPr screen (with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse) will be a quite pleasant experience.

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