[D7000] Out of these 4 macro lenses, which one is THE best?

Started Mar 4, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Your MWD numbers are wrong

mothman13 wrote:

Trust me, when you are taking 1:1 shots of nervous critters, or ones that can sting or bite, every inch of working distance REALLY helps for getting light on the subject, less scaring the subject, and less chance of getting stung.

Wait, here you say every inch counts, but you also said the tamron 60mm would be the best choice, even though with shorter working distance. Got a little confused.

Having said all that, if you REALLY don't plan on using the lens for anything other than macro, and don't care that it's a DX sensor lens, I'd recommend you choose the Tamron 60mm lens. It is sharper than the others, has no real flaws other than possible autofocus inaccuracies, but most (not me) people shoot macro with manual focus, so that's not an issue. The "bokeh" or quality of the out of focus areas with this lens also look pretty good to me.

So if I planned to use the lens not only for macro but for other things too, you would actually recommend me the 90mm, is that it? Considering the 135mm is more limiting than the 90mm on DX?

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