Nikon - A little venting.

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Re: Nikon - A little venting.

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Wow, never thought this thread would become this big when I started it.

Ok, so my 3rd d800 arrived and after some testing, it has the exact same L AF issue.

It's serial number is 300XXX, but it's a refurb unit so you would think Nikon would check it before sending it out. I'm not sure what Nikon service is doing, but it's not checking focus on refurbs!

While this unit is better than my previous two d800, (L AF Better but all lenses required -20) it's still off and unacceptable for a camera at this price point. At this point I have lost faith in Nikon.

While I know this will pour gasoline on this thread, I went ahead and ordered a Canon 5D3 to compare against the current D800 on hand. If the 5D3 even comes close to the IQ of the D800, I will switch to Canon.

Personally, I don't blame you, I would have done the same.

Of course, you can expect criticism from those who regard Nikon as a religion and a dogma.

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To ask a dumb question or two:

1) Do you need 36MP? A D3s, D700 or even D4 if you are feeling wealthy may suffice and stop you presumably having to flog a load of glass at a loss.

To answer you question, I hope it never comes to that.

2) Won't you also need to buy a whole new suite of lenses if you change? That seems a bit drastic and Canon have not been immune from these things - EOS1Dmk 3 focus was pants IRRC.

3) A Nikon D3x would give you 24MP and let you keep the glass. It's reputedly excellent and I know a number of studio and landscape shooters who kept theirs because they felt it delivered nicer images than the D800.

Well, again to answer your question, I am happy with the result, DR and the resolution of my D800. Don't you worry I can and have handle my D800 very well, but all that time I have been using the centre point focus and recompose and could never use the left points. So it is not about me or what I need, it is more about whether a camera is doing what it is meant to do.

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Veni Vidi Capi (I Came, I Saw, I Captured)

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