New Rumor of replacement to 80-400 AF VR Lens.

Started Mar 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
Rich Dykmans Senior Member • Posts: 2,543
Re: Once upon a time...

nunatak wrote

today, while shooting BIF, i encountered a murder of crows. they were in a swirling trance as they climbed high over me. a vortex of epic magnitude — well over 50. by the time i swapped out my 500mm f4 and swapped in my 70-300mm — they had climaxed and exploded into pairs that spun off in vastly different directions. this is one moment where i wished i had a super-tele zoom over my high end prime. c'est la vie.

We don't even need to see an image you described it so well!

Hopefully the optics are getting a major improvement along with VR and faster AF. I'd pay $2K+ for that

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