Anyone gone from Nikon D90 to Canon 6D?

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6D vs. D700

PeterTX wrote:

Before everyone jumps up and say that it doesn't make sense to switch brand I need to explain I have two lenses (for historical reasons) for Canon and 3 for Nikon.

I have Nikon D90, 18-105, 70-300 and prime 35mm 1.8 while my Canon equipment is 28-135 and 50mm 1.4.

So my decision is that at some point I need to sell and focus on one brand.

Anyone moved from D90 to the 6D? I would have pickewd up the D600 but I am not interested in wet cleaing my sensor so that one is out. If you read the Nikon Forum you will will know what I mean.

It would either be staying with Nikon and maybe move to D7100 if that one does not have any QC issues or moving back to Canon, 6D. The one thing I miss on Canon is the lack of built in flash for fill in flash shots.

Canon on the other hand has built in GPS which means no extra dongle to keep track of.

Very interested in hearing anyone with experiences in moving this way.

My type of shooting is:L

Landscapes and travel

Low light

Taking family/kid pictures, (my 7 year old and the sports he plays)

Flowers (the least amount of shots)


Why not look at a used D700? Beat up/high shutter count ones are getting down to $1100. Most are priced around $1400.

Having said that, I evaluated D700 and 6D, and went 6D. Main reasons: 300g less weight, smaller body, worked with the lenses I have. I prefer the D700 controls a bit more, but the 6D is very workable (more so than the 5D and 5Dii, IMO). I would prefer the D700 AF, though the super-sensitive 6D center AF point practically focuses in the dark! I think the high ISO is about the same.

If you don't want the weight, and you are open to trying Canon, the 6D is a good camera, and with the D600's sensor problems, will help keep Canon in the game. The sensor seems to have closed the gap pretty well with Nikon. But if I already had Nikon lenses AND if I didn't mind the weight, I'd got D700.

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