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Re: Great story about hummers, 4 pics and another method

Dave, I liked your pictures a lot...also how you set up the camera to get them.  I was able to get close to the hummingbirds because I can be a little forward in my approach.  I'll push boundaries with lesser equipment to get those better pictures.  It has always been a fun challenge for me.  Let me explain....

The hummingbirds were close to some feeders at our wildlife preserve.  I kept getting closer and closer to the point that maybe I was annoying the little birds.  I stood there for a very long time.  Some of the birds I think are getting used to me (as a non-predator), so I make it a point to wear roughly the same clothes and hat each time (so my appearance doesn't change a whole lot).  The hummingbirds finally get brave and will buzz around me, as if to tempt me to go after them.  After I stay still and appear non-threatening, they come close along with a lot of other birds.  Someone suggested (as I saw in your picture), that I take photos behind a nearby glass window, but I like to stand outdoors near the trees.  That's how I was able to get so close to the hummingbird on Sunday.  I'll show some pictures of them after I write here, on the Rebel Show Your Snaps thread.  I already posted my street photos that I took on Saturday.

That's right...I forgot...you are a structural engineer.  Yes, I agree with you...engineers in general are much more precise and mathematical.  Architects can be more artistic, which is what we would expect.

Well, I sure hope that Olympus produces a DSLR camera that is equal or better than what we have with the E-M5.  I think to capture back the DSLR market, that they need to produce E-x, E-xx, and E-xxx DSLR cameras (not just an E-7 camera around $1700 (USD)).  We'll have to wait and see what they will do.  We live in some exciting times, with all of these technological advancements (regardless of what brand we use).  Getting nice 18mp ISO4000 and ISO5000 pictures is a blast.  Next I look forward to usable 20mp to 24mp ISO6400 to ISO12800 photos (in the next generation of cameras).  People may not know (as you do) that I live in a very rainy & cloudy region and having these enhanced tools greatly help.

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