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Street Photos

Here's some street photos that I took on Saturday, first at our outdoor market and then of some dancers at Pioneer Courthouse Square. We had cloudy skies, but I was very happy with the performance of the Canon T2i (500D) cameras in such conditions.

Photo No. 1 - At the Portland Saturday Market, there's a nice variety of street photos that can be captured.

Photo No. 2 - I wasn't there too long and I saw some very tall beautiful ladies.

Photo No. 3 - Then they posed for me.

Photo No. 4 - Once as I was beginning to cross the street, I saw a couple jump the light.

Photo No. 5 - The silver man was setting things up to perform.

Photo No. 6 - For a few dollars he would do some juggling.

Photo No. 7 - Some girls wanted to have their picture taken with him.

Photo No. 8 - When I walked back to Pioneer Courthouse Square, I saw some people dancing.

Photo No. 9 - I had to patiently wait for people to stop walking behind them, so that I could get some good pictures.

Photo No. 10 - And just one more....

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