[D7000] Out of these 4 macro lenses, which one is THE best?

Started Mar 4, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Your MWD numbers are wrong

mothman13 wrote:

Hey mothman13, thanks for the information. I did in fact said mm when I wanted to say cm.

You recommended the 85-100 range due to longer working distance, but the tammy 60 has the same wd of the other ones. The only one standing out is the nikon 85mm, with roughly 14cm.

So as far as available light goes, all of them would perform the same, I think, giving the advantage to the 85mm.

Now the thing is I dont know if these 4 cm are realyl worth it, considering the other aspects of the 85mm aren't so good, compared to tammy 60mm/90mm.

Let's say the 4 cm longer of nikon 85mm wont make much difference. Then tamron 90mm would beat it cause it's faster and I would be able to use it for other stuff. Now let's put the 60mm in the game. Same working distance but shorter focal lenght, which means I would be able to use it on my dx d7000 as a 90mm, opposed to 135mm from the other two (which seems a bit too much).

Im leaning towards the 60mm but im not quite sure yet.

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