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Re: Your Holy Trinity of lenses

bparanoid wrote:

With the recent discussions of picking a favorite lens I figured we should also have a thread to provide opinions on what you would consider the three lenses for the NEX system that would make it complete for most shooting situations because IMHO one is never enough.

So lets hear what you would conisder your three all stars and why.

My three:

Sel 16-50 pz

My all arounder. Small and light weight and covers wide angle to portrait. For times i desire portabilty.

Sel 35 1.8

My superstar. Sharp, low light, indoor, and portrait use. For times I desire the quality of a Prime lens.

Sel 18-200le

My work horse. Wide to telephoto and everything in between. For times I am purposely going out to shoot but not sure on what and don't want to be switching lenses.

the"Holy Trinity"? Well, Noctilux 50/1.0, Summilux 35/1.4, and Zeiss 12/2.8.

But I have none of these ....

Oh, and do add in the Sony 70-400G/f4-5.6 for fun.

As to your question, there is no single lens that does it all.

Imo, to do it all, a lens must include:

  • fast (f/2.0 or wider)
  • standard FOV (24mm-35mm)
  • OSS (for video, some low light)
  • fast-focusing
  • AF

But, if you add in small, then this lens is out as it is too big, and only the SEL16F28, SEL20F20 and SEL1650PZ lens do qualify. These are the only lenses that will fit the LCS-EM1A and LCM-EM1A cases.

Note: the LCS-EM1B jacket holds all lenses up to the SEL1855 in size: both Sigmas, the SEL35F18, the SEL30M35, all RF lenses, some SLR lenses (on adapter), but not the SEL24F18 and SEL50F18.

So, I grab different lenses, depending on different days. My smallest setup is a small bag which holds just the Nex-6, SEL35F18 and SEL1650PZ. I use the CIZ on the Nex-6 to double the FL range of the 1650 to 100mm.

But I grab different lenses on different days, and different size bags that hold anywhere from 2 to 11 lenses, plus the Nex camera(s).

1. For compact traveling:

  • SEL20F28 (waiting), SEL35F18, SEL1650PZ
  • The SEL20F28 and SEL16PZ do overlap, but the SEL20F28 yields f/2.8 (one stop) which makes it more practical. The SEL becomes a wide angle to mini-tele.
  • Ultra-compact: all three lenses are equally small, and fit the half jacket case IF on a Nex-5N. 

2. For high IQ in small setup (bulkier and heavier than 1):

  • SEL24F18Z, SEL18200
  • I usually also add in the SEL16F28 + ECU and ECF adapter

When a FF Nex becomes a reality, ask this question again - I can see lots of changes ....

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