A hypothetical question about unresolved color shifts?

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Re: A hypothetical question about unresolved color shifts?

rpenmanparker wrote:

Bear with me please for a thought experiment. Supposing every color of the ink you were purchasing were shifted slightly toward one color or another, let's just say red for simplicity? Isn't it true that using a custom profile made specifically for this set of inks could never balance the colors. No matter how they were mixed, the red shift would always be present? Even if not every ink color were shifted toward red, but only a significant fraction of the colors, couldn't the same thing happen. If the cause were an impurity or contaminant and only the colors you would use to balance the shift contained it, no combination of them would ever set things right.

Don't ask what I am getting at here, I am not quite sure myself. Maybe I am just wondering whether some of the never quite resolved shifts could be explained this way. Someone (?, memory is not that good) recently posted spectra for inks that showed one brand had a significant peak for an "opposite" color along with the main component, like a cyan peak in a magenta ink or vice-versa. Wouldn't that do what I am suggesting, make it impossible to resolve a color shift with profiling, because the ink you would favor to cancel the shift would just make it worse.

As I am now essentially fully converted to Image Specialists inks in my Canon PP9000 Mk II, I notice a very slight warm tone that custom profiling will not fix. Just wondering...


The frist thing all the lurkers around here are going to ask is what light source are you viewing under?

Most profiles are made to viewed under daylgiht.

Bob P.

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