NEX purchase dilemma - no wide aperture standard zoom?

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Re: Smaller isn't always better

forpetessake wrote:

...[trim] Though mirrorless manufacturers succeeded in drawing P&S shooter to the tiny cameras with limited capabilities, they had hard time appealing to more mature crowd.

Not really, I've shot DSLRs for years, have had numerous other film SLRs, I'm just sick of the bulk of their bodies.  (Size [height] and weight).  I had a D40 which was pretty small for a DSLR, I upgraded (using that term loosely) to a T2i added a Grip, hated that combo, the size, was ridiculous for me.  I found I left the camera home more and more, simply because I didn't want to be bothered with packing a bulky bag along.  Eventually I got my NEX7.  Small, light-weight, good grip, it's really the perfect size for me.  It's no taller than a lens, so I can keep it in a slim bag with the lens pointing down.  I don't shoot sports, but it can do anything else I used my DSLRs for, and it does it better with better detail and resolution and significantly higher DR, even shooting JPEGs.

Not that people didn't try, but small form factor simply doesn't work that well. Fuji and Samsung went on offering larger bodies, and I haven't heard complaints that people didn't like them because they were too large.

Try the Micro Four Thirds forum... (weed through the slamming of the Fuji's AF system and I'm sure you find some complaints).

When I was testing m4/3 waters, I didn't want the tiny models, I bought Panasonic G3, which looks like a smaller version of DSLR, and soon I found that the absense of good grip is a problem even with small m4/3 telezooms. No wonder smaller (Nikon D3200 - 500g) DSLRs are getting more attention, no wonder Panasonic made lather large m4/3 camera (GH3 - 550g).

I think they did this solely to look like a "professional" bulky camera, I bet they could've put everything in G5 or possibly a GX1 sized body if they wanted to.

NEX-7 weighs 400g, which is quite reasonable, but the grip is lacking, hard to hold camera with three fingers unless camera and lens are very light.

I disagree. I'm 6' with good sized hands, (I can palm a basket ball fairly easily) yet I find the grip very acceptable - Better than my bulkier T2i.  I can easily pack the NEX7 + 18-200 (largest of any E-mount lens) around all day with no problems or hand fatigue.  I get that the grip may not suit you, but it suits thousands of others just fine, myself included.

I would expect in the nearest future both DSLRs and mirrorless converge offering similar sized cameras in 400g range with larger grips.

mirrorless maybe, you'll never see a D400, 7D Mk II or successor in a 400g body.  Even successors to the D5200, T4i, K30 will all still push 550g+, especially as more and more entry level models add articulated LCDs, environmental sealing, larger batteries, bigger EVFs, more robust bodies.

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