Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

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Re: Just ordered RX100..first Sony ever.

Robert Wise wrote:

3. The USB-only charging is a bit of a pain as you can't charge a battery while using the camera.


so we can't use the camera while it's being charged? i was hoping to use it for time-lapse and attaching an external charger to it while it was taking the pictures.

I do want to buy this camera and i am close to pulling the trigger, but the lack of a time-lapse feature and tilting screen is what i'm concerned about. those aren't really show stoppers though. i am so close to buying this camera right now

on another note, since this camera came out last June, maybe i should wait and see what the successor will be, you think? It's sad to say, but i haven't been keeping up with the camera world in the last few months and i just heard of this camera last week while i was researching p&s cameras for my upcoming trip. If i would have known about it the first day it launched, you can bet i would have purchased it that day. but now that i am behind, should i wait 2 more months and see if they announce a successor? i would really like time-lapse and a titling LCD screen. again, those are nice to have, but not a deal breaker

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