Do I need a tablet? Help

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Re: Do I need a tablet? Help

rkhndjr wrote:

I am in the house all the time now due to wife's illness and am thinking of a Samsung tab 2 10.1 for a diversion. This PC is only a room away and I would like some answers as to viability of that purchase as opposed to just using this PC. I do have to stay in the room with my wife most of the time is reason for asking. Thanks for any help. Also, I know nothing about a tablet and cannot see the type on a 7 inch tab or phone.

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Russell Smith
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I have owned my first tablet, a Samsung 10.1-inch Tab 2, for about one week and think it is vastly inferior to either a desktop or notebook computer.  It is OK for viewing movies, although I have trouble seeing some of the ones I made and a few on YouTube.  They work fine on both my Mac and Windows computers, but don't play correctly on the tablet (no sound, dark image or don't open).  Also, the web browsing experience in my opinion is also inferior as are all their simplistic APPs.  So I could not recommend one.  I think a better, although more expensive, alternative would be a notebook computer.

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