Oly E-Pm1 dissapointment

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Re: Oly E-Pm1 dissapointment

René Schuster wrote:

From your pictures it looks like you are living somewhere on the Mediterranian(?) coast, lots of light, blue skies and bright sun most the time. Nice for a vacation, but not so perfect for digital photography, lol; lots of bright light also means lots of dark shadows, a mix that usually shows us the still existing limitations of digital photography, the missing dynamic range of the sensors, compared to film. Means the exposure is either correct for the brighter parts of the picture or for the darker ones, film could handle that mix better, without forcing you most the time to decide what is more important, the highlights or the detail in the dark shadows. Just good digital can so easily be edited afterwards to often come to an acceptable compromise!

I think if I had to live under this bright light, my ISO was always set to the lowest possible and aperture in aperture priority to something like 8, unless I am after some special shallow DOF effects, lol! But I must also say that such bright light conditions is usually not what makes me want to go take pictures.

Last not least, lol: The first thing I noticed in both your crops here is the tilted horizon! Drives me nuts, lol, correcting this is always my very first step in editing.


Thanks once again for the great exapmle

And a very nice gues - I'm living on the Mediterranian sea close to Marseille. And yes, there is a lot of light and sun

Today I made some new photos with the new settings and things look much better thanks all of your comments for which I'm grateful.

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