Fujifilm XM-1?

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Re: Fujifilm XM-1?

I'm of the mindset that it would be an entry level ILC as well. Tho I hope it would have the following:
- same X-Trans II/EXR II setup like the X100s. Would be very surprised if a sensor between the 2/3" and APS-C were developed tho I wouldn't mind a slightly downsized sensor if it used the same mount as the rest of the system and the body were sized like an X10/20...
- body style ala X10/20. I own an XP1 & soon to be X20 (formerly X10) and while I enjoy the retro control, I do like the mode dial layout as well (C1 & C2 are great!!). Just add an extra command dial on the front of the camera (not like the X10/20 rear sub-dial) and control of aperture and shutter is still breeze. One nit pick I have with the hard dials of the XP/XE/X100 is the need to use secondary controls for 1/3 stop increments...
- Add-on EVF with flash pass-thru or built in flash like X100 (to wirelessly control my EF-X20!)
- same build quality as the rest of the X-series..don't dilute the theme of the line with plasticky toys, we're fans BECAUSE of the overall package not just IQ and looks!
- wouldn't mind a tilt-screen...having an X-P/E on a hand strap to use with VF and a secondary body on a shoulder strap with a tilt screen for off-the-hip street shooting = awesome!! I would have the upcoming 56mm on my XP and the 14mm or CZ 12mm on the hip camera. Street shooters dream 
- price it @ $699/body or $849/kit ($249 for the EVF??) and that would bring a whole new demographic to the X-Series...and for us loyal existing ILC customers, a 2nd or 3rd Fuji body!!

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