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could someone post some 3:2 pictures on here please. iam trying to see what the difference on screen 3:2 is from 4:3.

i have the sony RX100 on the way.. wanted to see how that size compares to the others.

The max resolution of the RX100 is 5472 x 3648 which is the 4:3 aspect ratio. As I'm sure you already know, the 3:2 aspect ratio is user selectable.

Here's an aspect ratio comparison image:


If you shoot in 4:3 and have 6x4 inch (3:2 aspect) prints made at a photo processor, a bit from the top and bottom of the 4:3 image will be cropped. So if you plan on having 6x4 inch prints made, suggest setting your RX100 to the 3:2 aspect.

The 3:2 aspect is also closer to the 16:9 aspect of HDTV sets, than the 4:3 aspect is, which allows better display on HDTV sets.


7 responses and no one's spotted skyglider's deliberate mistake! The maximum image size of the RX100 is indeed 5472 x 3648, however, this is not 4:3 as stated, but in fact a 3:2 ratio. The RX100 manual makes it very clear that 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1 retain the height of the 3:2 image size, but simply crop the sides.

It's simple maths. 5472 is 1.5 x 3648, the same as 3 is 1.5 x 2.

So, just to be completely clear, the native maximum image size of the RX100 is 5472 x 3648 as stated, but that this is a 3:2 aspect ratio, not 4:3 as stated by skyglider. Many medium format film cameras had a 4:3 aspect ratio and this was seen as desirable by many photographers. The more popular 3:2 aspect ratio is a hangover from 35mm film cameras, that also used this ratio.

I always use my RX100 at the 3:2 maximum size and quality image, as the image can always be cropped if you prefer.

I prefer the 4x3 aspect ratio images.

In the days of 35mm film, the film was 3x2 I believe, but the half frame images were 4x3, which I preferred.

People are mentioning here that the 3x2 aspect ration is native to cameras and that the 4x3 is a cropped version of the 3x2 native aspect ratio, hence cropping the edges of the image, essentially cropping the edges of the sensor.

But there is an exception: the Canon G1X, which I own and am enthusiatic about, has a native aspect ratio of 4x3; that is the shape of the sensor.


Do you also prefer to watch TV set in 4:3 aspect ratio?

Are you seriously suggesting that the best format for photography is 16:9?

There's so much photography that is very poorly suited to 16:9 that the idea is laughable.

It might be depending on the situation. Perhaps you hate anything but 4:3 format regardless? I suspect, like Krugman, you never watch TV or cinema, at least on anything but 4:3, and have never understood why people might prefer a wider perspective over taller.

I don't particularly care for any format over another. It depends on the subject, the print size, etc. Versatility is the key and 16:9 is not a versatile format IMO. It's great for TV, or wide landscapes, but it's awful for anything shot in portrait, or for any subjects that are not wide and flat.

In short, for photography I prefer squarer to elongate formats, and if necessary use panoramas.

Well, I wouldn't use 16:9 aspect for most of my photography either, although that treads closely into the realms of a panoramic image. Ultimately, I prefer 3:2 as I see 4:3 of limited use and I can get to it with minor crop off the sides. My Sony F828 has 4:3 aspect and being native aspect ratio (of the sensor), I preferred to keep it that way over the optional 3:2 the camera did offer (which would be a crop anyway). But, I often missed the wider perspective, especially with landscapes and architectural shots.

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