Is there a 1.2 alpha lens?

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Re: Why?

Shield3 wrote:

Now had he said "all lenses are more troublesome for digital sensors vs. film" then sure, but he specifically singled out ultra fast lenses. He was specific.

I'll take as much light in certain circumstances hitting my sensor as possible every time.

He singled out ultra fast lenses because this issue is pronounced with ultra fast lenses. You're just making a mountain out of a molehill here.
About transmittance, dxomark measures it - for an example the sony 50/1.8 is in terms of F-stops abt 1⅓ stops faster than 50/2.8 macro, but in actual T-stops the difference is closer to only two thirds of a stop, add in the lower efficiency on the sensor... in all cases having those two extra F-stops might not make as much difference as you seem to think. That's all.

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