Farewell, Olympus :(

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John Iversen
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Re: *grunt*. Stretch Yaawwwwn.

Well.  Dang.  I made the big decision today and decided to ditch all my Olympus gear.  The E-1, the E-500, the two E-30’s and 10 various Oly lenses . . .

And I’m not at all sad.  Actually, a huge monkey is off my back.

You see, I’ve got it figured out with my iPhone 4S images how to get color values that you can’t even tell the difference from my E-1, and for black and white like the old OM-1 days I just run ‘em through the Monophix app in a certain manner so that they turn out exxxactly like Tri-X pushed to 800, grain and all.  The iPhone is 8mp and the E-1 5mp, but you can’t really tell the difference pixelwise or noisewise.

It was kind of and epiphany . . . I just didn’t need more glass, the sensor that never was, more anxiety, more Olympolypse Now.

And moving over to Canikon was, like, what dumpster You been sleepin’ in, dude ???

Only one thing is missing and then I’m in photographic Nirvana.

Does anyone know where I can get an app that will make my iPhone smell like Dektol when I’m shooting pictures  ???

It just isn’t the same without that eyewatering darkroom fragrance . . .


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