Anyone here go from a 5D Classic to a 6D?

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I did. Some rambling thoughts:

Some random thoughts on the 6D from the perspective of a 5Dc shooter (I have a 5Dc and micro-43 as my two system cameras).

I know it's the age of mirrorless, and small and light cameras are the big thing. Having spent the last 3 years swimming in numerous mirrorless systems (mu-43, NEX, Fuji X), after thinking through my needs, I decided what I really needed was a modern FF body. Upgrade from my Canon 5Dc.

I looked at a 5D mkii and Nikon D700 and a D600. I even rented a D700 in the fall. IMO, all great cameras. But after some research, I decided that I didn't want to change out of my "budget L" lenses, and I really liked the feature set of the 6D. I also decided I think this camera could last me 5-7 years. So, though I was hoping to spend only $1400, I moved up to the 6D. Glad I did.

(side story -- I got a great deal at BestBuy. They sold me a unit as new, but after purchase we opened it there in the store, because I had a question, and turns out it was already open box. Strap was on the camera, batter was loaded, etc. So, they gave me a 10% discount, then we found out it was REALLY messed up (battery was really beat up, only spanish language manuals). They gave me a brand new one, but still with the 10% discount. Very pleased with that!)

Lovely camera. It has short comings for sure (limited cross point AF points, slightly slow flash sync speed), but I like the controls soooo much better than my 5D. I never did like the double-button approach. I can access most of what I want with just one button push. As I'm a RAW shooter, I don't miss WB on the top panel, and I can use the Q button to access that and flash exp comp anyway.

I do love the Q button (remember, I'm coming from a 5Dc here!). What a wonderful, joyous way to get to your  settings. I also love the AF-ON button.

Three quibbles on ergonomics: 1) I don't find the power switch on the upper left to be intuitive. I never minded it down below like on the 5D, but around the shutter would have been better. 2) I liked the playback and review buttons on the left of the LCD. It's still kind of a sizeable camera when a flash head and larger lens is attached, it would be easier to do 2 handed operation rather than always relying on my right hand for controls. 3) I'm not a fan of the new placement for the DOF button. I would prefer it back on the left. None of these is a deal stopper, though.

I love mRAW. I have older computer right now, and would prefer to keep my files sizes down. I've tested RAW vs. mRAW, and there is a difference (with a nod to RAW), but I'll shoot most of the time in mRAW, and switch to RAW only if I need more reach (i.e. cropping later).

I love the quiet shutter. This is really quiet! I don't really need more than 3fps, and rarely burst anyway, so I keep it on quiet shutter all the time.

I am torn on SD vs. CF cards. On the one hand I have TONS of SD cards, on the other, CF cards always feel more substantial to me.

I've not cared about about GPS or WiFi before, but we are traveling in April, so I might turn on the GPS then. I might experiment with remote control via Wifi later, too.

The shutter release is pretty responsive, but I'll likely still apply a Gariz soft release button anyway.

I love the weight/size. It balances nicely with the 430 ex ii shoe-mounted. It also saves me something like 300g over the Nikon I was considering, yet it has cleaner high ISO than the mkii (6D and D700 rate very similar on DXO Mark). It also has fewer oil spots than the D600

SO excited to have MA, and be able to do different adjustments at the short end and long end of my zoom. The menus and custom functions are a GIGANTIC step-up from the 5Dc's one long scroll and mess of custom functions. This menu is so much more logical and well grouped.

Other little things I like: 2 custom settings on the mode dial, that are very easy to set-up/define. I also like the fact that the mode dial rotates around full. No having to go from one end to the other. I also avoided the period where Canon tried to put every scene mode on the dial for their "consumer" cameras (which the 6D appears to be aimed at). I never use scene modes, so glad they're all behind one mode dial setting.

I like the 6D grip better than the 5Dc. It's subtle, but I like it a bit better. I liked the Nikon D700 grip too, but I like having 300g less weight even more

In short, after renting the D700, I found I liked those controls better than the 5Dc (or the 5Dii that I tested). But the 6D combines nearly everything I wanted -- a "smaller" body for FF, yet it's big enough to handle a speedlight (the mirrorless cameras really fall short on shoe-mounted flash), much improved controls, great high ISO, responsive and speedy, and keeping what I already have (Canon speedlight, E1 handgrip, lenses, etc.). I also only paid $1673 before taxes for mine, and that helped quite a bit

Bravo Canon!

Now, about your mirrorless system...

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