Your Holy Trinity of lenses

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Re: Your Holy Trinity of lenses

I haven't found a trinity on a single platform yet, but the Nex may get me there this year, sooner than Nikon FX will. I've been mostly a Nikon shooter and my current trinity on FX is:

28mm f/1.8
50mm f/1.4 (not ideal)
85mm f/1.8

I don't like the 50mm fov as my middle lens. I find it boring and I don't really take anything interesting on it. I prefer 35mm, but Nikon does not have a good f/1.8 option and the 1.4 is huge and expensive, which brings me to my Nex-7

I've had the 24mm lens for a while, but only recently started using it a lot. I've decided that the Nex plus Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 is my favorite combo for general photography. What is lacking is a good wide prime in a native mount. Later this year, I think my trinity will be:

12mm f/2.8 Zeiss (hoping it will meet expectations)
24mm F/1.8 Zeiss (best combo imaginable)
50mm various (I have the Nikon f/1.4 and the old Nikor-H f/2, but will probably buy the SEL for native mount and size)

I actually like 50mm on the APSC sensor.

This trio, combined with the size and weight advantages could mean my Nikon sits home more often.


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