Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re: Ok seeing as this thread is subjective.

CollBaxter wrote:

OK seeing as this thread is subjective and no one has a clue what Olympus is going to do.

Here is what I think Olympus will do as I think I am probably as accurate as the rest of us around here:)

No E-7 or EM-7.

New full frame camera with EVF , SLT ( license for Sony) or mirror less which can use current 4/3 / m43 lenses in cropped mode . Using the largest part of the image circle possible on the current lenses . In conjunction with Sony design ( Or engineering the HG/SHG ) for a whole new range of full frame lenses which can be used by both companies on there respective mount's. Still continue to make m4/3 lenses for the light weight stuff.

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It would be quite wise move. If they have the money  to invest in R&D it may work. I am only curious whom they will target? Pro or prosumer? It is very well possible that Olympus will produce lenses for Sony FF so they can use the same design for themselves.

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