New Rumor of replacement to 80-400 AF VR Lens.

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Re: New Rumor of replacement to 80-400 AF VR Lens.

thomas2279f wrote:

Be quite good if it is TC friendly especially with the TC1.4

If it is compatible with the TC 2.0III could be useful although be quite slow at F/9 - F/11 and only in MF - and quality maybe doubtful ?

Don't go expecting this type of f/5.6 zoom to work well with a TC 2.0.  You'd be f/11 at the long end which is beyond the specs for AF on Nikon's newest bodies.  There might be some  ideal circumstances where AF would work, but I'd think you would mostly be in manual focus and obviously, you'd be stuck with a max aperture of f/11.

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