5DmkIII on Amazon UK?

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Re: 5DmkIII on Amazon UK?

StevenLyall wrote:

kyjy wrote:

Apologies is this was addressed before - I didn't see it in my searches.

I have noticed that the 5DmkIII took a long time to show up on Amazon UK, and since it has, it's only been from 3rd party retailers, a lot of whom look suspect based on the too-good-to-be-true prices (£2192?).


Notice it's not availabe from Amazon itself, as it is in the US:


I'm curious if anyone knows or has any theories on why it is not available from Amazon itself, and how long it might take or usually takes to show up?


Now that I'm looking for a 5D Mk3, I also have an interest in this.

I've never had a problem with Amazon, either directly or via their partners, but it's strange to see the same camera for sale on the same screen from one vendor at £2,300 and from another at £4,500. It makes me wonder if it's the same people, and they put the expensive ones there to make the cheaper ones look like a bargain!?

That particular reseller looks new.  They come and go, and I suspect they're either get shut down for dodgy dealing, or it may be inventory errors, i.e. that's about the right price for the 5D3 + new 24-70.

My biggest concern is return policy.  Since I learned an expensive lesson with my 7D, I'm keen to know that whoever I buy from won't put me through the "send-it-to-Canon" nonsense if there's something wrong with the camera.

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