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Re: nozzle check Epson 3880

Ursula Freer wrote:

jtoolman wrote:

Ursula Freer wrote:

Well I am using OCP K3 inks at about 3 pennies per ML per color so if I need to run a cleaning cycle, it's not a problem. The 3800 is so good at not getting clogs that is not really even an issue.

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OCP ink for Epson 3880? I just looked up their website which I find hard to navigate. I could not find ink for the 3880 although it is on the drop down list. Would I need to buy empty carts somewhere else to use with their ink?


I never said 3880.

I said 3800 above.

They are currently working on the Vivid Magentas which wiil be added to the current K3 set which is being sold for the R2400 but can of course be used on the 3800 as well.

My firend recieved their first example of these magentas. He and I tested them and all I can say is. They are not yet ready.



Sorry about that. Obviously there is a difference. I just assumed they had inks for both.


Just so you know, the only difference between your inks for the 3880 the R2880 and R3000 and the other K3 for the 3880 R2400 is the Vivid Magentas. They still use the other colors on ALL the printers I listed. There are other large format models as well.


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