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Re: nozzle check Epson 3880

Sal Baker wrote:

Ursula Freer wrote:

I am still hoping someone on a Mac (OS 10.6.8) will help me with how to do a nozzle check without initiating a change from matte black to photo black each time.

Ursula, it may not be an OS problem. The 3880 uses pk ink as the default. Try going to the control panel on the printer, go into menu mode and see which black is selected. If pk is selected change it on the printer's control panel (not from your computer) and save.

If this works you will still have to check the control panel if you have a power outage, etc. as this would reset your Epson default from mk to pk again.

I've never noticed the problem because I only use pk ink.


I have my 3800 set for Matte Ink pretty much constantly. I NEVER run a nozzle check from the Printer Driver from my PC. I always run them from the LCD on the Printer. If Ursula would simply do them that way there would be no problem with ink changes.

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