Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re2: Around and Around and Around.

you said the problem with m43 is that this is the system optimized for smallness. Yes thats A problem, but every system has problems. m43 is theoretically as good as 4/3. Regarding the lenses, now Oly/Panny in m43 is just going the way of the other manufacturers: Most lenses are not good, and some really good lenses. That seems to be the more successful route

CollBaxter wrote:

Nikon releasing the D7100 and the rumored 7D MKII have thrown the cat amongst the pigeons. it shows there is a market still there for cropped sensors and it not mirror-less and FF. Very interesting the 1/3 crop an a APS-C sensor )

I did not buy 4/3 because of the sensor size , I bought it because of high quality lenses and antidust, and, ok, for that 4/3 sensor size and the mount flange distance which is shorter than old-DSLR-mounts, its easier to make high quality lenses.

Here in South Africa and a lot of other countries mirror less is like the proverbial virgin much bespoken but seldom seen.


Ok, the future may be an E-7 with some more improvements what's also not bad - if thats "ready to go into final production and all specs are defined " as rumors say, then Oly should announce this.

Those that are left here and have not fled to m4/3 have are still here as they probably don't like m4/3 for what ever reason.

I like m43 but decided to stay on the 4/3 DSLR line for the next 5 years, its somehow cheaper not to ebay the gear which I know it works. But I do not buy more 4/3 gear while no 4/3 camera is announced. Also I decided to add a second Non-Canikon system.

A true honest business person will say to there client "Sorry but we are not supplying that product any more " and not keep them hanging on . " This is what we have to offer."


For my type of photography I should probably not have got into Olympus , but 4/3 is usable with its limitations for what I do. m4/3 it not usable. I keep on hearing these things will come to m/43 (So will the second coming and the 100mm Macro.) ,

The problem may be, that Autofocussing Big Tele lenses might never be a strength of mirrorless.

On the other hand, IF mirrorless might be the future, then m43 might be the best mirrorless system for long tele lenses ( made for the system; Nikon 1 might be even better but Nikon will not offer long tele lenses for Nikon 1 ).

That said I will still probably be around for awhile as I am to financially challenged to swap systems. I like my 4/3 equipment but If I won the lotto Olympus at this stage might not see me for dust.

Yes, the current non-announcement policy of Oly leads to this consequences. I did not know this 2 years ago that it continues this way.


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