D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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Re: The thing is HOW do you set a defaut setting

I've been sending Nikon cameras in for focus calibration since the D1 and I swear to god all they do is replace the rubber(cf door, bottom) that used to fall off the body like leaves do with the slightest wind.

My organization has probably spent $20,000-30000 for cameras/lenses repairs(on my gear) over 14 years and most of the time I don't notice the difference. it was especially really bad pre d3. Images were backfocusing even after repair and with different lenses.

I sent in a D3 with the same AF problem(it keeps hunting around the point of focus even in daylight) two times and now need to send it in again. Happened on my D700 after I sent it on an unrelated repair. So, not only did Nikon charge $480 for repair, they introduced a new problem.

Thank god I am not paying for equipment or repairs. But I feel for you because you miss the most important photos of your life with Nikon.

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